INTERNATIONAL IFRS 3 EXPERIENCE: Europe, South America, Central America, Asia, North America

The team at Cambridge Partners has completed valuations of businesses and/or business assets located in dozens of developed and developing countries across the world. International Accounting Standards complying with IFRS 13 and other accounting and taxing authorities.

International Valuation Experience

Cambridge Partners serves clients in North and South America, Europe and Asia. Our experience includes assignments performed for International Financial Reporting Standard 3 (IFRS 3 Business Combinations), International Accounting Standard 36 (IFRS 36 Impairment of Assets) and International Financial Report Standard 13 (IFRS 13 Fair Value Measurement), which defines fair value, sets out a framework for measuring fair value, and requires disclosures about fair value measurements. Other international standards include IRC Section 482 (ยง482) related to intercompany transfer pricing across borders.

As a leading independent provider of financial advisory solutions, Cambridge Partners provide unique insights, through use of technology and cross-border relationships to help clients stay ahead of complex international demands. In Europe, North America and Asia we have provided expert valuation advice to our clients for financial accounting and tax compliance as well as other regulations they must adhere to as it relates to reporting.

A few examples of assignments performed internationally:

Valuations of businesses, real estate, equipment and intangible/intellectual property assets.

  1. Paint and industrial coatings manufacturer with operations in Mexico, including manufacturing, distribution centers and 100 retail locations. Cambridge valued the acquired real estate and related fixed assets in each of the 30+ markets
  2. Manufacturer of electrical components utilized in utility applications. The company has operations in northern Italy and the assignment involved the valuation of the acquired real estate and related fixed assets (IFRS 13 Business Combinations).
  3. Valuation of a specialty steel products business as part of a transfer of shares across international borders
  4. Software company valuation of the total invested capital under ASC 350 (IFRS 36 Impairment of Assets) for a business located in Japan
  5. Valuation of an industrial food equipment manufacturer's fixed assets and real estate in Belgium
  6. Stock valuation of a European and Asian manufacturer of adhesive coatings with appraisals also of the real property and fixed assets in China, Taiwan, France, Germany and the United States.
  7. Valuations of a primarily aluminum smelting facility in the Netherlands for purposes of determining proper insurance coverage