CREATIVE inspiration

True creative inspiration - How our approach is different

We provide that fresh, professional look, and in many instances, help in creating a winning marketing plan – including printed and digital catalogs, e-brochures, electronic e-mailers, newsletters, logos and virtual business cards. Cambridge Partners' main goal before beginning any project is to completely understand what our clients' objectives are, and as the project progresses, to listen attentively to their opinions and concerns. Communication is the key.

Your first impression

Your piece must be professional, memorable and highlight the capabilities of your company. Your first impression may make or break any further opportunities. From design concept to final production, from a single piece to an entire marketing concept, Cambridge Partners will give you the edge and make an impression.

Looking for a solution from another perspective sometimes can make all the difference

We are a leading technical consulting firm in the area of Adobe Creative Suite including Illustrator, InDesign and Photoshop. Our team members are also trained in many other programs including Interleaf / BroadVision QuickSilver, and Quark publishing. We utilize the efficient capabilities in these programs' product complexities to boost your market presence and opportunities.

We are exceptionally proficient in more complex document situations, including those that integrate text, graphics, tables and charts into the same document. Additionally, we have extensive experience in generating and managing sophisticated table of contents, indices, page numbering, document cross-references and more. All with a creative touch for stunning results.

Industry trade association marketing and consultant services

Big or small, at Cambridge Partners we have the tools and know how to help your organization grow. Our team is experienced and will assist you in growing your organization through strong membership and revenue development strategies. This can only happen if you have a cohesive and creative marketing plan and elements in place to “get the word out” by attracting and retaining new and existing members.

Many organizations need help with developing that fresh, unique “look” that brings a focused message together in a memorable way. We offer a full range of creative tools and branding options that can make a difference.

Please visit Database Creation & Management for information on developing that streamlined, cost-effective operational plan and Lists & Online Services to see how your next marketing plan can pay dividends.