CREATIVE surveys and data analytics

No cookie-cutter surveys

In today's evolving business world, you must address critical decisions in an unemotional yet educated manner. Only complete, timely and valid information will ultimately determine whether your company succeeds or not.

Search online and you will find dozens of inexpensive cookie-cutter methods of putting together a quick survey. Perhaps you've smiled thinking only $99.95 a month will finally get you the marketing information and all the standardized template forms you require to make those key decisions. Think again. You will be locked into using the same, run-of-the-mill standardized template forms and question sets used by the company across the street making wooden pallets.

Your company is as unique as you are. Whether B-to-B or B-to C, you need real, customized information you and only your company can utilize. You require correct methods for obtaining the best data and highest possible response rates.

We assist you through the entire process

By helping identify, define and evaluate your goals, our team will carefully work with you to design your questionnaire for maximum effectiveness. Whether you are looking for determining or forecasting business trends, or exploring consumer/employee attitudes or preferences, Cambridge Partners can create the right questions so you can make intelligent decisions.

Cambridge Partners specializes in providing customized solutions for obtaining REAL information to make those tough and intelligent business decisions. Whether online, paper, phone, or field, our state-of-the-art survey methodologies are carefully designed, providing you with in-depth information to lessen marketing uncertainty. This cannot be understated. Success depends on the type of research methods used, its preparation, implementation and the analysis of its results. We will provide you with the accurate, relevant and current information your business demands.

Need special analytical reports to give your business plans truthful insight or to make that tough decision? Looking to launch a new campaign or product? Call Cambridge Partners today and talk to our trained and experienced account representatives. Our team will give you the edge over the competition.

Be sure to check out our Marketing Research capabilities to learn how your next survey can be leveraged into a powerful insights study that will make an impact.