CREATIVE Technical Advisory Services

Grow your business

Struggling to reach out to new prospects with your unique product and services? E-mail and social media are two of the most common methods used today. As many of us know, if not used correctly, email prospecting can often result in a disappointing return for your marketing dollar. Often the plan is “Buy a list, launch the emails and see what happens.”

We don't believe our clients should just try things and see what happens. At Cambridge Partners, we guide you through the entire process of successful email marketing and it begins with defining your objective. Our expert consultants will assist in the development of your creative message, and most importantly, determining your goals for success.

Our opt-in emails include over 180 demographic, lifestyle and behavioral aspects to meet most any targeting requirement. Need a business-to-consumer campaign? Our team will assist you in selecting your target audience and help you reach out from over 110 million targeted households. Require a business-to-business campaign? We work with you in designing your highly targeted campaign, reaching contacts that are most likely to respond to your message. Once launched, we provide extensive analytic and tracking reports for your campaign to measure success.

To further target those who opened the email and/or clicked through, we can provide phone numbers as well as a mail list to be used for direct mail, putting your dollars to use for your most interested prospects.

Committed to helping you grow your business, we work to bring you the maximum ROI for your marketing dollar.

Online Strategies

We manage data for professional organizations and other clients which includes membership, email blasts and responses, and updating websites with current information. Our experienced IT and management team will work closely with you to define and develop a solution based on your specific requirements.

To learn about our marketing & graphic design capabilities and and other creative digital strategies that can power your next marketing campaign, please contact us.