Information is only valuable if you can locate and distribute it quickly.

Paper Overload? While off-site document storage is not a thing of the past, the need for immediate electronic document review and retrieval is paramount in today's electronic information world. We provide solutions for the electronic scanning and indexing of your client's information and their important documents. Archived electronic images can be located quickly based on storing specific objective or bibliographic information relating to the documents. Standardized database fields such as date, title, author, and document type are used when coding each document. This facilitates the retrieval of images in the future - efficiently and accurately.

Instant Access

By using Cambridge Partners' scanning and indexing services, you can often replace more cumbersome and costly methods of document storage/retrieval (see: data entry) and have instant access to your information.

We also provide additional value-added services like searchable Adobe PDF documents and data entry. Information can be provided using a secure FTP site furnished by Cambridge Partners or your company.

Be sure to check out our Database Creation & Management webpage for organizing data captured fields and tables.