Let us manage your data

Your employees can then focus on the activities for which they were hired. Our concern for your data begins before the first image is captured or the first keystroke is entered. We make it a point to understand what information and questions are your “show stoppers.” We add intelligence into our data capture screens to ensure that you receive the highest accuracy rate per keystroke. Our professional data entry and quality assurance staffs follow standardized processes and procedures to efficiently populate and validate data.

Unlike most firms where employment length for a data entry consultant is best measured in weeks or months of service, our data entry consultants typically provide years of dedicated service to our client base. These years translate into valuable experience in understanding the many nuances of this rapid-paced industry and the highest rates of keystroke accuracy in the industry. These years translate into data entry consultants who provide input and feedback about each program because they've come to understand our clients' goals.

Not Only Keystrokes

Our knowledge of data entry is not limited to keystrokes, but to postal rates and codes, efficient document storage solutions, fraud detection and more. We are your information management services partner.

The importance of accurately managed information can never be overstated.

  • We strive to understand client requirements, asking the pivotal questions
  • We key from both paper and image
  • We excel in providing Quality Assurance
  • We provide feedback throughout the entire process
  • We believe in communication and integrity
  • We process all information on site or off site in a secure environment

We have explained the crucial steps to a successful data entry process in the following YouTube video. We outline why the data management team at Cambridge Partners has the efficient solution for your next data entry project. We hope you will take a moment to review the video. In addition, to learn more about high speed electronic methods of information data capture, please visit the the “Scanning & Indexing” webpage. The analytically savvy know that scanning and indexing is an efficient means to capture large quantities of important information.