The right PARTNER for outsourcing

Outsourcing - A wise decision

Outsourcing a portion of your business to save time and money could be a wise choice with the right partner.

Cambridge Partners & Associates delivers the experience, technology, and talent to provide you with complete outsourcing solutions and services, which include:

  • Mail Processing
  • Scanning and Indexing
  • Database Creation & Management
  • Marketing Research
  • Industry Trade Group and Trade Association Services
  • Surveys and Analytics
  • Integrated Data Entry Solutions
  • Marketing and Graphic Design
  • Lists and Online Services

Whether it's database conversions, hard copy forms, inventories, mail lists, consumer surveys, billing, enrollment forms, database clean up or any type of paper or file that contains information that requires managing, we have the experience and professional staff to get the job done for you.

Integrity of the process

Cambridge Partners understands the importance and value of quality information. We believe that your data is crucial to the success of your business and we will always treat it as such. Our professionals apply their knowledge, experience and expertise to ensure your data is kept private and confidential and your timing requirements are met or exceeded. This we know will lead to building your confidence and ultimately the success of your business.