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Desktop Publishing

A document that requires revising or reformatting such as catalogs, user manuals, or brochures can be quickly and expertly converted into multiple output formats with the help of Cambridge Partners. We are a leading technical consulting firm in the area of Interleaf / BroadVision QuickSilver publishing. Interleaf users have trusted Cambridge Partners for their desktop publishing needs for over 10 years. Our members are trained in the program’s many versions and product complexities and together have over 50 years of combined experience. We regularly provide these services to clients in the medical, manufacturing, electronic, and telecommunication industries, among others.


Clients often express a need for this valuable service as outsourcing frees them up to do other tasks and eliminates the responsibility of finding and/or training personnel for these desktop publishing functions. The result is a timely, efficient and cost-effective solution to critical documentation projects.

Cambridge Partners has extensive experience with the leading document management programs. Our consultants are exceptionally proficient in more complex document situations, including those that integrate text, graphics, tables and charts into the same document. Additionally, we have extensive experience in generating and managing sophisticated table of contents, indices, page numbering, document cross-references and more. We can help you use these powerful tools to boost productivity and time-to-market delivery.

On-site / Off-site

We also have software installed at our site for those jobs that can be performed off-site (e.g., compiling, formatting and editing). This allows our clients the ability to continue their daily work without sacrificing their terminals and desk areas to outside consultants.